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Welcome to our website for Voices of Music, America's premier Early Music ensemble. There's lots of wonderful music to see and hear, as well as information about our concerts and programs.



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Voices of Music is the first Early Music ensemble in the world to reach 170,000+ subscribers on our YouTube channel.

With over 68 million viewers worldwide, San Francisco's Voices of Music is the most popular Early Music ensemble in the United States and one of the widely viewed music ensembles of any kind in the world today.


Our CDs are online as well as at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and CD Baby.




The pandemic.

During the Covid19 pandemic, Voices of Music is doing the following:

Releasing one video per week so that anyone, anywhere, has access to music,
and it is completely free. We have a daily audience of 80,000 and it's growing.
Over 2 million people view our music every month.
Our free, online video library has over 370 videos.

Presenting an online music festival with concerts
and webinars.

Training musicians to record at home, paying them to make videos at home,
and promoting their work.

Offering online music classes and lessons, and paying the teachers.

Raising money to pay our musicians for cancelled work.

Helping arts organizations get their content online.

Creating closed captions (CC) for our videos so the music is more accessible,
and so that texts and notes are available in all languages.

Voices of Music 4K, Ultra High Definition video, performed on original instruments. Just click the play button :)



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CDs and Recordings.